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Used semi-trailers, trailers etc. Optimized transport solutions for all purposes; Frozen-, cool- and dry freight transport for short and long distance traffic and many more.

Driving ahead with the fridge on wheels

We have been repeatedly convincing people with our new innovations for decades. Here are just a few examples: more than 20 years ago, the FERROPLAST insulation panel which is absolutely impervious to steam diffusion, the aluminium floor pan which is welded so that it is impervious to liquids and the double deck loading system were introduced. However, the most important thing is that you know that your goods have been effeciently and hygienically cared for even under the most extreme conditions. Our semitrailer containers S.KO COOL and S.KO 80/45 plus provide you with magnificent benefits in all respects. Thus with an interior height of up to 3.20 metres we make it possible for you to exploit the loading capacity optimally with the optional double deck loading system. Semi-trailers and trailer

Customized transport solutions

The time when you could never be sure of how to solve your transport problems is finally over. The only decision you have to make is which version of the semi-trailer tipper, semitrailer container chassis or combined transport service vehicles from is the best solution to your problem. The product range comprises a large number of different transport solutions. Construction waste, grain, goods on pallets or in containers. Any material can be loaded quickly and transported safely. The operational flexibility confirms the high competenceof in all matters of transportation. convinces its customers with products of highest quality made to latest standards, and with competent service. Many decades of experience in loadbearing commercial vehicle, trailer and body production ensure traditional quality.   Fields Sources Synonyms "used" alternative transport aluminium waste asphalt beverages pallet beverages transport bulk good bulk goods coil steel transport coil transport combined transport commercial vehicles bark construction residuals cool freight cool logistics demolition waste dry freight dry freight logistics excavated material forwarding agent forwarding agent for beverages forwarding agent for cool freight forwarding agent for fresh freight forwarding agent for part-load traffic forwarding agent of dry freight fresh freight general transport haulage contractor insulation intercontinental container transport intercontinental transport Joloda load loading logistics meat transport metals paletts palleted goods paper paper coil paper transport Paper-Coil particle board part-load traffic part-load traffic transport producer of cooling devices producer of superstructures recycling security products short distance transport steel coils steel transport supplier for spare parts train loading transport transport of goods transporteur of cool freight transporteur of dry freight transporteurs transporteurs of part-load traffic unloading wood offeror accessories acquisition assortment buy buyer direct purchase export export company export goods exporters import import companies import goods importer intermediary large amounts large sale large-scale consumer market market for second hand vehicles markets middleman offer price producer product range programme purchase purchase sources resale reseller sale shipper specialised company specialised wholesale trade specialized wholesale trade supplier trade Trailer Store vendor wholesale wholesale trade wholesale trader wholesaler second hand Second Hand second hand commercial vehicles second hand vehicles second hand's used Anhänger Auflieger